Arthur Play

Prophets launched an application for the youngest target group in its client portfolio. Arthur Play is a smartphone and tablet experience, aimed at children aged one and a half to five years old. The world of Arthur consists out of four games, accessible via an intuitive interface, full of playful discoveries.

The challenge

Nutricia Belgium asked Prophets to come up with a digital campaign for their Olvarit brand. Being a repeat buying product, Olvarit needs to remain top of mind among its users, and go head to head with the competition in a very promotion driven context.

Therefore, customer relationship management is a crucial marketing asset for Olvarit to establish and maintain an open dialogue with young parents.

Our strategy

Instead of presenting the expected online campaign proposal, Prophets convinced Olvarit’s brand management to invest in a permanent touchpoint rather than another ad hoc campaign.

With a very high smartphone penetration in our target group, a mobile application reaching both parents and children was our new goal.

A permanent touchpoint rather than another ad hoc campaign.

Our concept

The materialisation of our strategy resulted in a mobile application with a split personality.

The non-branded front end experience is completely built up around a playful interface to unlock mobile games. Nowadays, young parents too know how the touch screen allows easy gameplay for even the youngest children. And the joy these first digital interactions trigger… Each of the four games is aimed at specific development areas of young children. And the level of difficulty adjusts itself automatically based on age and skills of the player.

The back end of the application is the parents’ playground. After the initial application download, parents register and provide their personal and family data. Olvarit ensures to provide useful information on child nutrition, a direct link to the consumer careline and aseries of personalized commercial offers on top via smart e-couponing.

The result

The Arthur Play app is perfectly integrated in a larger Nutricia digital universe. Completely in synch with Nutricia’s eCRM programme, Arthur sends automated e-mailings to re-activate parents and their children on pre-defined moments. And adds a behavioral layer of communication via push messaging and segmented e-couponing.

The application is available in the Apple’s App store and Google Play.


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