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Crowd Track

Helena, Product Manager Art & Culture at Tourism Flanders, challenged us. “How can we use the TRACK art event to promote Ghent digitally across Europe, using crowd-sourced contributions rather than media spend?” This was a multiple question, for which we had to find an all-in-one answer.

Track + Ghent

Tourism Flanders’ mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism both to and within Flanders. One of Flanders’ most valuable assets for positioning our region across Europe is its wealth of historical and cultural cities, and Ghent rates rather highly. During the summer of 2102, Ghent hosted TRACK, a unique art experience in the city.

“ Hear your name played on the Ghent Carillon ”

Over 40 international artists were invited to create new works, strongly rooted in the urban fabric of Ghent, but linking the local context with issues of global significance.

Tourism Flanders wanted to benefit from the Track event and momentum to position Ghent as a cultural destination.

Crowd + Track + Ghent

To address cultural aficionados and city trippers across Europe successfully by giving TRACK a prominent role and promoting a stay in Ghent,Tourism Flanders asked for a digital, social and participative approach.

To make the mission even more challenging, the idea had to be sufficiently strong or remarkable enough to be able to spread itself both geographically and over time (before and during the Track event, covering several months).


Creating TRACK’s 42nd collective artwork.

Our creative answer played with the contrast between an ancient historical landmark in Ghent (the Belfry, a symbol of tradition) and an innovative dimension (digital interaction with the Carillon inside the Belfry tower).
People from all over the world could sit at their computers, hear their name being played on the Ghent Carillon and share this with others later.
People were also invited to add their individual soundtrack to a growing collective list of name tunes, forming the source of a unique ‘crowd-sourced’ music composition assembled by Ghent-based musician An Pierlé.
With this ‘crowd track’ composition, which was performed live during the Odegand festival, a 42nd collective artwork was finally added to the catalogue of installations and artworks featured during TRACK.

Border-crossing participation

Without any media budget, but due to smart involvement with Tourism Flanders’ partners abroad, the City of Ghent and the Ghent Museum of Contemporary Art, we kick-started the mini-site featuring the ‘crowd track’ application.
A first wave of press mentions and awards for the design of the site also resulted in a significant number of visitors from all over Europe and beyond.
Through this, over 50,000 people found their way to
Thanks to social sharing, their names, incorporated into the belfry track, rang out all over the web, or were performed.


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