Too many home offices, small businesses and entrepreneurs think that operational car leasing is expensive and only interesting for larger entreprises. They still prefer to buy cars, with their own company capital or using bank loans. So in this segment, growth is still possible for LeasePlan.


The challenge

How can we show small businesses that leasing is the right choice for them, and lead them right into the arms of LeasePlan? In order to convince the diverse target audience of entrepreneurs (from independents to companies with 10 cars), LeasePlan needed to push both the category and the brand with the right arguments.

The strategy

We developed a phased approach: in phase 1, we wanted to enhance our position as market leader while explaining and claiming the broad concept and advantages of leasing. In phase 2, amidst the many campaigns related the annual Belgian Car show, we needed to focus on promotions from specific car models from all major brands, adjusting price perception while also emphasizing our multi-brand approach.


The concept

Our playful LeaseFobia concept was clearly different from any car or lease company and allowed the shift from phase 1 (category) towards phase 2 (multibrand promotions) while still being consistent. In our banners and radio commercials, we used the prejudices from entrepreneurs against leasing to attract the attention and we optimized the running versions while they ran.

We convinced LeasePlan to spent the lion share of the media budget online, using adwords, social and RTB, all permanently optimized based on several types of conversion (simulations, quotes). We booked a layer of radio on top to make sure every entrepreneur had heard the brand.

Radiospot FR, LeasePlan diagnose

Radiospot NL, LeasePlan diagnose



The results

The objective was to meet the sales numbers of Jan/Feb 2014. This might not seem too ambitious, but 2015’s Autosalon was only a ‘small’ one (focus on commercial vehicles). The status quo of 2014 (having a « big autosalon ») was considered the highest achievable objective.

Sales in Jan/Feb 2015 raised with 12,8% compared to jan/feb 2014, and we managed to surpass the anticipated number of generated leads by 40%. The campaign did not ony work in terms of conversion: we saw the highest search volume on the brand ever.



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