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Internet on mobile

Jeroen from Mobistar asked us, “How can we communicate our new Tempo offer aimed at mobile users?” Prophets asked him, “Is a smartphone user interested in the operator? Or the offer?” The answer was ‘Internet On Mobile’, an ‘unbrand’ with a no-nonsense tone of voice and a tight graphic framework.
“How do you communicate to a discerning target group which avoids advertising and is always looking for the best offer?”
The digitals

Mobistar is responding to a growing group of smartphone users for whom mobile Internet is more important than calling or texting. Within its prepaid Tempo portfolio, it launched an offer where for each €15 reload, users received 2GB of mobile data, 60 minutes call time and 1,000 texts. It’s a self-service offer that can only be ordered online.


There’s no contract or subscription. The customer receives their SIM card by post and can immediately use the first reload.

Consumers compare prices online, fly low cost to trendy cities and ask one another for buying tips. When you’re paying hundreds of euro for your smartphone, the operator has to be as cheap as possible.

And the moment another supplier comes along with a better offer, they switch. Is a user who’s only looking for the lowest price still interested in a brand? And does a telco operator still have brand value? This group of users doesn’t need any education and they’re not emotionally engaged. They want to know where they stand: what are you offering me for my money?

Manifesto for an ‘unbrand’
Bearing this in mind, Prophets recommended an ‘unbrand’: a brand that isn’t. No emotional connection, no promise, no story. The product has no name, but is named after the category: Internet On Mobile. The offer is the key message: 2GB, 60 minutes call time and 1,000 texts for €15. We address digital ghosts with commands like: Order, Pay, Use. Prophets wrote a manifesto as a copy platform from which quotes were used on different channels. This was all embedded in a strict graphic framework with a green background and strong type. The offer was signed, “Powered by Mobistar.”

Targeting ad skippers
But how do we reach ad skippers, who avoid ads, with this message?

How do you reach a discerning group which avoids advertising

Digital users who watch timeshift TV series, download music and block banners. In our selection of channels, we chose specific platforms which spoke to this niche group and where advertising had a different role. Advertising on the free music service Spotify, background advertising on WeTransfer, banners on theme blogs or mobile ads on news sites. The message was always contextually matched to the channel. With this flexible mobile platform, Mobistar can talk tactically over a long period, adapt to the context and convert online with the product in the leading role.


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