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For the opening of MAS Museum in Antwerp, Prophets was asked to drive international attention to MAS Museum and attract visitors from abroad. We wanted to give people a taste of the museum, while sitting at home behind their computer. An online experience of a real museum visit.


The challenge

As early as 6 months before the opening of the MAS, it was already on everybody’s lips. The MAS was a hot topic in magazines and blogs, but all this talk was almost exclusively about the building’s remarkable architecture rather than its (at least equally remarkable) collections. The challenge was to raise international awareness of the entire museum rather than the building in itself.

Our strategy

We wanted to build on the vibe that the MAS is a building you simply must see and then add a well-crafted twist: both the inside and the outside are impressive. For this we needed a great idea with word-of-mouth potential.

the power of word of mouth

Our creative concept: a phygital tour of the MAS Museum

We offered an entirely virtual, but real-life taste of what the MAS has to offer by merging the digital and physical in the “phygital tour”. Our one-on-one, remote live tour uses live streaming technology that allows web visitors to actually steer an ‘insider’ with a video camera around the MAS to discover what is inside the museum.

we created remote controlled human museum guides


The result: 100.000 virtual visitors from all over the world

A total of one hundred thousand people visited the campaign site and five thousand visitors took an individual live tour. We captured ten thousand email addresses and sent them travel promotions.

The website got picked up by multiple blogs. All online articles combined reached a million readers. Via twitter we addressed a network of one million followers.

The campaign drove international attention to MAS museum and convinced people to visit Antwerp. It won multiple awards, including 5 IMC awards and 3 MIXX Awards.




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