Puppets without strings

Yet again, Prophets comes up with a new and innovative concept: Poppidups. Through this digital platform, Prophets wants to re-enable children to create their own stories in a creative and interactive way and to experience them together. The concept was realised in cooperation with the renowned animator and director Jan Bultheel.

In the past, children used to constantly stimulate their imagination while playing. Without a fixed framework of rules, downloads or updates, everything was possible. But that changed with the arrival of games with predefined story lines, leaving little room for creativity and imagination. Digital developments are often perceived as a threat to the traditional ways of playing together. But at the same time, today’s digital technology can do so much to create exciting new possibilities.
millions of possible story lines, without using a manual
Poppidups, developed by the R&D cel of Prophets (Prophets Kitchen), is the digital update of the traditional puppet theatre. Cardboard backgrounds and figurines in the ‘real’ world are transmitted ‘live’ into a 3D environment on screen by using single marker detectors. So every character’s move takes place both in the real and in the virtual world. Children can add the scenery and characters they want. This way, the prototype offers you millions of possible story lines, without using a manual.
digital update of the traditional puppet theatre

But there’s more. The first version of Poppidups allows you to play both offline and online. Parents (or relatives across the ocean…) can watch their children’s puppet shows through streaming and they can record and share the adventures of the figurines on YouTube.


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