Reconnecting one of the oldest communities

Being the agency for Dag Allemaal, the biggest magazine of Flanders, Prophets has a passion for the content and publishing industry. So when the Catholic Church of Flanders contacted us in the summer of 2014 to discuss their new website, we saw a fit far beyond the coincidental link with our name.


The challenge

Not only because the church is often regarded as the oldest community alive today; it also runs the second biggest publication of Flanders (Kerk & Leven). We were convinced that the relaunched website should set a new standard in both online christian news publishing and community building. And we were up for the challenge.

Our strategy

Through a series of workshops, we first refined our brand, positioning and style, UX, functionality, content and community features. We restyled the logo and style guide of Kerknet to better reflect its mission: not only to provide news related to the church and religion, but also to be a fresh, critical and Christian-inspired voice on any relevant matter in today’s society.


The result

In March 2015, the site was launched with the main content features, including personalisation.

Insiders and outsides complimented us on the clear, fresh and inspiring front end, designed to attract and keep the attention of youngsters as well as traditional members of the community.

And it’s just the start… Over the next two phases, functionalities such as e-commerce, fundraising, and microsites will be added.




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