Dag Allemaal

So much to tell

For over 30 years, Dag Allemaal is a phenomenon among the Belgian magazines. With a popular mix of stories about both well-known Belgians as well as regular people like you and me, this publication reaches an audience of nearly 1,4 million readers on a weekly basis… which makes Dag Allemaal the most popular magazine in Belgium.

The challenge

To celebrate this 30 year milestone, De Persgroep –the publisher of Dag Allemaal– consulted the market and engaged Prophets as their agency to pave the path for Dag Allemaal’s future in the years to come. To address this particular broad audience in a convivial way, we found the ideal creative partner in De Vloer.

Our mission: actualize and sharpen the promise of the magazine, define a long-term positioning strategy, open up the potential of the Dag Allemaal media-brand beyond a weekly publication…and support sales and marketing with remarkable campaigns on a continuous basis.

Our strategy

We started with an update of the visual brand identity, together with our partners at Today. This renewed identity allowed us to install a coherent and recognizable DA identity across all touchpoints.

We equally created a new promise and tagline: ‘zoveel te vertellen’…so much to tell…because every week, DA continues to fuel popular conversations with savvy stories.

Our concept

A first image TV campaign introduced the concept of the ‘meelezers’ (co-readers), being all those who ‘officially never read Dag Allemaal’, but never miss out on what appears in the magazine.

On a continous basis, we keep on supporting special actions, deals, themes and offerings to the Dag Allemaal community of readers… For sure, there’s still a lot to tell about Dag Allemaal. Today and Tomorrow.


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