The heart of Carrefour’s digital experience

As Europe’s number 1 retailer, it was unthinkable that Carrefour Belgium didn’t offer a premium online experience to its consumers. Certainly as its presence in the Belgian market has a particular twist, with no less than three enseigne formulas to cover our every need from on-the-go solutions over daily groceries to a complete all-you-need-under-one-roof journey.

This meant the new website had to appeal to a wide target audience, while offering a relevant solution for everyone at all times. Prophets guided Carrefour to take this quantum leap in the Belgian digital retail landscape.

The challenge

Installing three enseignes with each their own DNA, while ensuring a consistent overall Carrefour online experience at the same time, that was the challenge we were up to.

The number of platforms and devices used nowadays targeting both customers and prospects has increased

immensely over the past few years. So our central online hub had to be future proof not only to display enseigne shopping windows for Express, Market and Hypermarkets, but also to enable thematic activation and CRM driven campaigning.

Our strategy

A holistic vision was build up around a unique digital universe that is Each content cluster has a dedicated hub, but is managed centrally. Which allows seamless integration in other customer journeys within the universe. Both structurally and during campaigns.

However to realise this ambition, a phased growth approach has been installed to evolve from generic communication to a personalised digital brand experience, available for all business units and transverse marketing & communications projects (e.g. loyalty).

In order to establish and maintain a relevant relationship with its consumers, Prophets agreed with Carrefour to invest in the continuous creation and evolution of inspirational, promotional and thematic content formats. All following a seasonal rhythm as all retailers do. But allowing innovation across channels and touchpoints at specific times.
evolve from generic communication to a personalised digital brand experience

Our concept

The realization of the new website, based on a complementary online journey of three parallel enseignes, was the first step in our roadmap. A consistent setup of the navigation & information architecture secures part of the intuitiveness of the interface design, while offering effortless discovery of the latest enseigne related content to its users.

Integrated campaign pages trigger click-through to other enseigne specific content like recipes or promotions, increasing the customers’ engagement with the brand.

The result

A light, easy to use interface really puts forward what the relationship of consumers and their preferred retailer is all about: a clear view on products, promotions and inspiration in a thematically dressed environment. We based ourselves on the industry best practices of flat design, and completed the experience with a clear iconography and color scheme per enseigne. It goes without saying that our universe is fully responsive, allowing an optimal user experience on the device(s) of your choice.


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