The Launch of Animals

Luc, brand director at Mobistar, challenged us, “How can we not only tell people about our completely new ‘Animal’ tariff formulae, but also ensure that they take the next step and discover which animal suits them best?”

Animals, a new breed of telco tariff plan

“How can you interact with a mass of individuals?”

In an open telco market, operators can no longer rely on customers staying because they are contractually obliged to do so. Instead, they now aim to find customers who stay because they want to. But this requires some fundamental changes in the way tariff plans are conceived, positioned and communicated. At Mobistar, this insight resulted in a whole new breed of tariff plans, named after animals. Each one relates to a specific telco profile.

From a socially active Dolphin to a prudent Squirrel, or a family oriented Kangaroo to an ever-hungry Panther, each Animal tariff plan is transparent and comes with specific promises from Mobistar that guarantee a better service, price, relevance and life-long benefit.

But people first had to find out which tariff plan suited them best. And that’s pretty hard to explain in a 30” TV or 20” radio commercial.So, as well as launching these new tariffs, Mobistar asked Prophets to think about and craft a participative campaign layer that not only triggered individuals to discover which animal they were, but also educated them about the different tariff specs and features.

Follow your instinct

For us, the answer was to be found in the question… ‘which animal are you?’

On top of a broad awareness campaign that showcased all the Animal tariffs, we had to take the next step and interact with a mass of individuals, inviting each of them to discover their best-suited Animal tariff plan.

Since online has become the main medium for discovering, configuring and comparing products or offers in general, we opted to guide people systematically to an engaging digital self-test, by systematically plugging the question ‘which animal are you?’ into every campaign execution and touchpoint.

The digital self-test didn’t contain the typical questions about average use, type of device, age or interests, but was modelled around individual behaviour and interaction with other people, featuring references to animal characteristics.

Identify with your animal
Once people had discovered their matching animal, they could identify with it by uploading their portrait as seen through an iconic cut-out silhouette and submit this to the gallery of fellow Dolphins, Kangaroos, Panthers or Squirrels, complete with a personal quote. From that rapidly growing crowd-sourced image gallery, we selected genuine contributions which were featured in our online campaign.
Mass adoption via digital

Due to the offer’s convention-breaking approach and this atypical campaign featuring a question instead of a classical answer, a huge amount of people viewed the digital self-test, which was offered cross-device (web / tablet / mobile app).
Over 200,000 people found their best-fit Animal tariff by taking the full test, while a vast number also visited the offer info pages.
In this transversal campaign, seamlessly combining above-the-line, digital, social, PR, consumer media and direct communication, the position of digital was central and vital, and much more than just an extension.


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