Provincie Antwerpen

the touring tourist

The province of Antwerp and Prophets started working together in December 2014. Throughout 2015, we managed to launch an impressive amount of highly visible and efficient communication campaigns. The case of the Touring Tourist is the prefect example of our collaboration, consisting of a 360° approach including PR, social media and blogger promotion.
The challenge

The Province of Antwerpen has a vaste range of tasks. Only a handful of citizens know about what the provincie does. In a political context where the existence of the institutional layer itself is often object of discussion, being seen and heard becomes ever more important. But at the same time, the province can not spend too much money on communication, for both reasons of budget constraints and perception.

Our approach

Too little people know about the many summer events (cultural, sports, education, …) that the province organizes. In order to ensure visitors and the correct attribution of these events to the province, we took advantage of the typical media silence (“komkommertijd”) during the summer. The idea: we recruited a Chinese tourist to experience and report every single summer event from a new and fresh perspective.


The result

Thanks to the perfectly scouted personality of Dan Dan and our well timed integrated PR/online/offline approach, the amount of media attention was mind blowing, not only in local, but also national news channels. We only needed a small budget to recruit guest families and for online bloggers to help spread the adventures. Although it was extremely intense for Dan Dan, who had a heavy programm almost every day, she kept on smiling, blogging and instagramming.

And most of all: she succeeded in bringing the provincial activities into the living rooms of the entire region of Flanders through print, radio and TV editorial content.

Analysis of the campaign showed that 65% of the inhabitants of the province spontaneously recalled the campaign and almost 70% of those correctly attributed it to the province.



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