Ticket to kyoto

Ticket to kyoto

How to help five public transport companies from different countries in an ambitious project to reduce CO2 emissions? Strategy, design, platform development, campaign development and community management… for 5 years, Prophets formed the back bone of a thriving initiative.

The challenge

The international Ticket to Kyoto project united five leading public transport companies in Europe (MIVB Brussels, RET Rotterdam, RATP Paris, Mobiel Bielefeld, TFGM Manchester). During five years of intense collaboration, they strived together to set a new standard for the reduction of CO2 emissions in their industry. The way to get there: knowledge management. The challenge: sharing the permanent and multilingual stream of data and experiences amongst each other in a comprehensible and dynamic way? That’s were we came in.

Our strategy

Yes, of course the CO2 reduction efforts needed to be communicated to the outside world, through a solid platform, several campaigns (focusing on the public, politics, press) and a flexible branding that could be flawlessly blended into existing brand guidelines. But the most important thing was to keep Ticket to Kyoto alive internally, between companies that are miles away from each other and between dozens of people all coping with busy jobs. So a permanent internal on- and offline activation campaign was the backbone of our communication strategy.

What we did

Permanently enhancing the consistent connection between partners, the project’s central anchor point was the website The website was supported by a platform for knowledge sharing between partners, which was not accessible to the public.Apart from the web building, community management, content aggregation and dispatching, Prophets took care of all offline spinoffs. We organised regular conferences throughout Europe to ‘touch base’ with all participants. We rolled out internal campaigns within the organisations and provided them with 360° campaigns, both for specific cities and for a pan-European use.

The result

The campaigns were tested by several participants and proved to surpass their regular campaigns in both likeability and attribution. But most importantly, the international bunch of public transport professionals proved to be a true community during the full 5 years of the project.The campaigns were tested by several participants and proved to surpass their regular campaigns


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